From Jan, 1st 2016 to May, 31st 2016 with the support from European Regional Development Fund and in cooperation with Institute of Physics of University of Tartu, Tehnolabor OÜ is conducting research project “Feasibility study and development of concept for dose measurement systems for high dose irradiation facilities”. Enterprise Estonia supports this project with 4000 Euros.

The project was initiated by the Estonian irradiation facility Scandinavian Clinics Estonia and the original idea was to develop a real-time measurement system, which could be used for more precise calculations to set irradiation doses in order to reduce irradiation time and therefore optimize the costs of the process itself.

Current procedures do not allow decision-making in real time whether required doses have been delivered and whether irradiation could be stopped. Based on the information stated above, it was proposed to study whether real-time dosimeter systems or their combinations with modelling (e.g. Monte Carlo method) tools could be implemented for process control and optimize current situation considerably.